Heureka Ambiente S.r.l. is an innovative startup with high technological content that offers environmental consulting services to companies such as: environmental surveys, of buildings and land environmental liabilities, consulting on excavated soil, environmental consulting on pollution, consulting according to the environmental law, investigation to determine the origin of pollution, energy audit of buildings and APE certification. The company core business is the development and marketing of patents in the HS sector. In the environmental sector the SAMIS (automatic emergency response system), detects, block and recover pollutants accidentally spilled, saving the environmental matrix.

Heureka Ambiente Consulting
At the service of companies, authorities
or privates with a wide range of services.
Heureka Ambiente Innovation Technology
Technology innovation, design and development
of patents at the service of people and environment.

Our Team

The Heureka Ambiente Team is composed by engineers with expertise and experience on chemical and environmental disciplines. The scope for each member of the team is to stimulate the respect for the environment from the companies through the provision of superior and innovative technologies.

Our Rewards

“Nuove idee nuove imprese”
Rimini Province
Winner in 2014
Expo 2015 ambassador for
young start-ups with
high technological contents
Excelsa 2017 Confindustria
Romagna - Best company for
the technological contribution