SOSTEGNO E COLLABORAZIONE nel progetto di San Casciano dei Bagni

The rediscovered sanctuary of San Casciano dei Bagni is not only archaeology, it is mostly water. Its management is critical to preserving the site and its outstanding structures.

Heureka Ambiente Srl is committed to contributing to the enhancement and recovery of Italy’s historical and cultural heritage, our treasure that the whole world envies us. None of this could have happened without the willingness, dedication and commitment of the City of San Casciano dei Bagni and the professional team of archaeologists involved in the discovery.

Heureka Ambiente Srl of Rimini provided the “LEA” system, an innovative system capable of controlling the rise of water inside the sacred pool and filtering out any small finds.

This essential intervention, together with the supply of materials donated by the same company, allows us to manage the site in the best possible way and keep it safe during the winter.

Heureka Ambiente Srl is constantly committed to the protection and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, and their contribution has been crucial to the preservation of this precious sanctuary.