SAM (Groundwater Monitoring and Protection) and SAMIS (Automatic Pollutant Detection and Blocking System) systems are patented. With pollutant detection probes (e.g., hydrocarbons) they can detect, the presence of contaminants and activate alarm and/or recovery groups. Both systems, through licensees, are currently installed on behalf of oil companies such as Eni S.p.A. and Irminio S.r.l. and companies operating in the environmental remediation sector such as Petroltecnica S.p.A.

International and European patents

    Samis System

    Samis is an automatic system designed to detect, block and recover polluting substances accidentally spilled on water courses or pipelines, it can be used for hydrocarbons and other toxic products.


    Environmental and safety automatic monitoring system, designed and developed specifically for groundwaters.


    Portable barriers to recover liquid contaminants such as hydrocarbons or plastics. It is easy to bring, to apply and to clean; proper to environmental companies equipped with vacuum trucks or to firms that want to have ready an ecological emergency kit.


    Automatic intelligent bollard for protection of people and cyclists, it can be installed in pedestrian crossings, cycle crossings, ports, railway and subway stations.


    EKO-BIKE, is a protected project Heureka ambiente srl, where fun and ecology are at the core of the mission.


    The Samis (an acronym for Automatic Safety Putting System) platform, designed and developed by Heureka Ambiente S.r.l., is dedicated to plants subject to pollution risk such as oil pipelines or sewage treatment plants. The system allows monitoring and simultaneous securing in case of an accidental event. Samis lowers the cost of securing as well as cleanup costs, impacts on the environment, and social impacts in case of spills and leaks.

    The system automatically detects, blocks and recovers accidental spills, can be used for hydrocarbons or other harmful substances. The system can be designed ad hoc and installed in a variety of settings:

    EKO-BIKE System

    Renew the environment by bicycle, more simply “EKO-BIKE,” is a project protected Heureka environment Ltd. where fun and ecology are at the core of the mission.
    Rinnobike means riding on the water with friends and family or alone by traditional means (pedal boat or bicycle), having fun and at the same time collecting floating waste in the water by taking it to the collection center located in the boat rental.
    Everyone gets a prize: the more waste I collect, the less I pay for my bike ride, in a virtuous game for everyone , but most importantly, for the ecosystem!
    eko-bike waste collection