to brands and companies image damages!
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to high costs for emergency and remediation activities!
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to high costs for emergency and remediation activities!
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Pollution prevention technology
with high costs savings

The Samis system has been designed and developed by Heureka Ambiente, it is tailored on plants subjected to the risk on pollution such as oil ducts or water treatment systems. The device allow to monitor and the contextual emergency response in case of accidentally spills.

The system detects, blocks and recovers the spilled product accidentally spilled, it can be used for hydrocarbons or other toxic substances. The system can be designed and tailored on several contexts:

Samis for the Environment

  • Irrigation canals
  • Natural canals and rivers
  • Cultivations
  • Monitoring and securing groundwaters

Samis for the Industry

  • Oil refineries
  • Water treatment plants
  • Petrol stations
  • API basins and deposits
  • Above and underground tanks
  • Fish farms
  • Industrial or touristic docks
  • Sewage systems

Discover the System

What is Samis?
Samis is an automatic system to prevent the pollution due to spill of substances and it is integrated with a recovering system for the spilled product that can damage the environment.
Why choose Samis?
It is a 24/7 sentinel doomed intended to protect natural, urban systems and industrial plants.
Prevention is better than cure
Hydrocarbons and toxic substances spill within the environment is an issue that can involve hig cost expenses.
Cost Savings
Stop to the remediation high cost activities.