Heureka Ambiente S.r.l. is an innovative startup with high technological content that offers environmental consulting services to companies such as: environmental surveys, of buildings and land environmental liabilities, consulting on excavated soil, environmental consulting on pollution, consulting according to the environmental law, investigation to determine the origin of pollution, energy audit of buildings and APE certification.

High safety
standards projects
High qualified
High focusing
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Heureka Ambiente

Pollution Preventing technology
with high cost savings

  • STOP to brands and companies image damages
  • STOP to high costs for emergency and remediation activities
  • STOP to penal and administrative consequences

The Heureka Ambiente Mission is to stimulate the respect for the environment by each company, through the provision of superior and innovative technologies. In this way we guarantee the company the privilege of being in line with a green economy and being labelled as a responsible and sustainable company, elements that can be used as strategic and growing factors.

European and International Patents

    Samis System

    Samis is an automatic system designed to detect, block and recover polluting substances accidentally spilled on water courses or pipelines, it can be used for hydrocarbons and other toxic products.

    Discover Samis


    Environmental and safety automatic monitoring system, designed and developed specifically for groundwaters.

    Discover S.A.M.

    Patent Pending

      Smart Boom

      Portable barriers to recover liquid contaminants such as hydrocarbons or plastics. It is easy to bring, to apply and to clean; proper to environmental companies equipped with vacuum trucks or to firms that want to have ready an ecological emergency kit.

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      Warning and rescue system for flooding. FLAS (Flood Lock and Alarm System) is able to automatically interdict the access to road and pedestrian subways, tunnels or parking areas; it is suitable for the evacuation of natural gorges, natural parks or camping after potential dangerous meteorological events.

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